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Branding and Marketing is the motto of the 21st century. It was all about businesses, then this decade, it became more personal and about individuals as well. One thing that speaks more than anything about personal brand and identity is logo, a literal visual representation of a person or organization’s unique brand. Companies like Nike and it’s ‘swoosh’ and a ‘bitten apple’ for Apple have become iconic in themselves and have become cultural icons than just ordinary logos. One way to attach logos onto people mind is to have them visually accessible, i.e. on clothes, embroidered, usually done via Logo Digitizing.

Logo Digitizing is just like any other digitizing process, it converts the image of a logo into specific commands which embroidery machine can read and interpret in a specific, streamlined and automated fashion. Logo digitizing can be done as appliques and thus can be embroidered on a certain fabric and attached to any other fabric later or can be done as a 3D/puff design to highlight certain elements within the design. With logo digitizing, the best part is that even minute details can be captured within the digitized design by using specific stitches like running or walking stitches.
Our superlatively talented and expertly trained digitizers can turn any logo of your business or personal brand into a digital embroidery design, all according to the conditions stipulated to us by the customer when submitting the digitizing order. Customers can further utilize the specialized embroidery options like puff and applique to make their logos have much more visual impact than with their just 2D/flat self. Moreover, we pride ourselves with being able to appease the needs of diversified clientele and hence can provide the design in particular formats for your specific embroidery machines.

For supreme quality and finally less taxing customized Logo embroidery digitizing and other such similar things get in touch with us right away.